7 Reasons to Start Build on Polygon

7 Reasons to Start Build on Polygon


Polygon is seen by many today as one of the leading platform solutions for scaling on the Ethereum blockchain, as well as an infrastructure for development. 

As such, there are many developers who have sparked interest in developing on top of the Polygon network. However, if you were curious as to exactly why someone might be interested in building on Polygon, we will be going over seven key reasons. Let’s dive in.

7 Reasons to Start Build on Polygon

Key Points:

  • Building on Polygon provides users with numerous advantages. 

  • Polygon provides infrastructure support, access to PolyBuilders, and Technical assistance.

  • Each developer gains access to discounts on security audits, support for analytics, access to VCs and LPs, as well as support for marketing.

  • Through NOWNodes, anyone can get an API key for Polygon nodes.

7 Reasons to Start Build on Polygon Right Now

These are the top 7 reasons why the Polygon network has become the home to over 10,000 decentralized applications (dApps) that currently run on top of it.

  • Solid Infrastructure and High Level of Support. Polygon has become the go-to scaling solution for developers. This is due to the fact that each developer is given the opportunity to make use of decentralized cloud storage through the utilization of the Akash Network, alongside gaining access to RPC providers and special software development packages such as the ones on Tenderly, Gelato, Certora and others. There are also Matic wallet options available, which means that anyone with a Polygon wallet can connect to the dApp.

  • Access to the PolyBuilders. PolyBuilders essentially connects developers with Discord partners, other internal developers within the Polygon ecosystem, and other individuals as a means of helping developers get assistance as well as engage in the process of collaborating with other teams. This way, you can easily connect your dApp with Matic wallets, or Polygon wallets.

  • Technical Assistance. Developers that decide to build their dApps on top of the Polygon network are given the opportunity and access to ask in-house developers for advice, potential troubleshooting and get insights into some of the best practices through the usage of the dedicated Telegram channel. This way, anyone can also learn what a Polygon wallet and  how to create Polygon wallet.
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  • Security Audits. All of the decentralized applications (dApps) that get developed on top of the Polygon network can get access to discounts on security audits from the best partner firms within the industry.

  • Analytics Support. Each developer that creates decentralized applications (dApps) is given access to Dune Analytics dashboards, which will, in turn, enable them to better understand their user base. The community has created a lot of dashboards, and Dune Analytics even extended its support through the launch of a bounty program for any Polygon project.

  • Venture Capitalists (VCs) and Limited Partners (LPs). Each development team can utilize capital support as well as incubation through the usage of Polygon’s investor network, liquidity providers, or the market-maker partners, all of which are a part of the broader ecosystem.

  • Support for the Marketing Phase. After the dApp has been developed by the developers, it needs to be brought in front of the eyes of the right audience. Through Polygion’s official media channels, Polygon dApp developers can get access to marketing resources, where they can be featured in AMAs, Twitter spaces, and a lot more. Each development team can also access the global expertise network, which includes ventures, universities, and additional venues. 

If you are curious about running a Polygon Node, you can do so through the utilization of NOWNodes.



Hopefully, now you have a heightened perspective on some of the seven key reasons why someone might want to start building on the Polygon Network. Remember that by utilizing Now Nodes, you can get a crypto API key for instantaneous access to over 40 blockchain networks including Polygon and over 1000 coins and tokens.


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