Groestlcoin Full Public Node Is Supported!

Groestlcoin Full Public Node Is Supported!


Groestlcoin is a fast and reliable cryptocurrency with almost zero fees. The network is focused on privacy. NOWNodes is happy to take a part in such a mission by supporting Groestlcoin’s full node so people in the community can use it!

NOWNodes is a project powered by ChangeNOW, non-custodial crypto swaps service. As of right now, NOWNodes supports nodes for four major currencies: BTC, ETH, XVG, and, obviously, GRS! Our goal is to support much more and we are planning to add several nodes per week.

As for the details on Groestlcoin’s node: the servers are located in Germany and the node will be available 24/7: non-stop, fast, and reliable. The connection speed is mind-blowing 1 GB/sec. The best part is that the connection is completely fee-free!

Stay tuned to get updates: on Twitter, Reddit, and Discord.