Nodes In Blockchain: Security And Vulnerabilities

Nodes In Blockchain: Security And Vulnerabilities

Nodes and master nodes are an increasingly discussed subject in blockchain lately. That is logical: nodes are a critical component of a blockchain’s infrastructure, and without them, a blockchain’s data would not be accessible. Nodes ARE the blockchain, and what is vital for us now is how do they function and how vulnerable they are.

Full Nodes

Full nodes are those that genuinely support and provide security for Bitcoin, and they are indispensable for the network. These nodes are also called validating nodes as they are involved in the process of checking transactions and blocks, contrary to the consensus rules of the system. Complete nodes can also relay new transactions and blocks on the blockchain.

Typically, a full node downloads a copy of Bitcoin blockchain, with each block and transaction, but this is not a requirement for a full node (an abridged copy of the blockchain can be used instead).

Full Nodes

Tracking Nodes (Super Nodes)

In essence, a tracking node or supernode is the same complete node that is publicly available. It communicates and provides information to any other node that decides to establish a connection with it. Therefore, a supernode is basically a redistribution point that can act as a data source and as a communication bridge.

A reliable supernode usually runs 24/7 and has several established connections that transmit blockchain history and transaction data to several nodes around the world. For this reason, a supernode will probably require more processing power and a better Internet connection than a full hidden site.


Bitcoin nodes interact with each other through the Bitcoin P2P network protocol, and thereby they guarantee the integrity of the system. A node that misuses or attempts to distribute incorrect information is quickly recognized by honest nodes and disconnects from the network.

Although launching a full test site does not provide financial rewards, it is highly recommended as it allows for trust, security and privacy for users. Full nodes enforce rules. They protect the blockchain from attacks and fraud (such as double spending). Besides, the complete node does not have to trust others, and it allows the user to control their money entirely.

full nodes and block explorers

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