NowNodes Is Happy to Introduce A New Node – CLO!

NowNodes Is Happy to Introduce A New Node – CLO!

What is CLO?

СLO is a cryptocurrency owned by Callisto Network, a decentralized open-source crypto platform based on the go-Ethereum source code. The Callisto project acts as an Ethereum cold staking solution, which makes CLO the world’s first cold staking coin! 

What is cold staking then? Cold staking can be thought of as a form of passive income on your investment. You get the coin, and then you receive interest for holding it. You do not have the right to generate blocks or confirm transactions. 

The cold staking contract receives 20% of all mining rewards per block and distributes this amount among cold stakers in direct proportion to their stake.

The aim of the CLO coins is to provide full financial transparency and security, along with a contribution-friendly environment for further developments and improvements. NOWNodes is glad to provide fast and easy access to the nodes with such good goals! 

Also, NOWNodes, have the following advantages:

  • We provide access to over 15 top blockchain nodes 
  • Our service is fee-free
  • Our top-notch API tools grant secure and reliable access to the blockchain