Decentralized Exchanges in 5 Minutes

There are two types of crypto exchanges, and these are centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges. Currently, centralized exchanges maintain a significant dominance in the crypto exchange market. Yet, one cannot ignore the growth of decentralized exchanges, popularly known as DEX. In July, the total crypto trading volume became equal to almost 4% of the trading volume on centralized crypto exchanges. 

DeFi Derivatives: A Simple Descriptive Guide

The DeFi ecosystem is booming. It is bringing more users to the crypto world. One cannot deny that DeFi is doing what ICOs did in 2018. It is bringing the spotlight back to the crypto world again. The trading element of the DeFi ecosystem plays a very important role in this growth. So, who are the main players within the trading element of the DeFi sector? These are the prediction markets, DEXs or decentralized exchanges, and derivatives. 

Cardano Explained

The founder of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson believes that Ethereum has been quite successful when it comes to smart contracts. However, Hoskinson considers Ethereum as a second-gen blockchain. Hence, he thinks that Ethereum must evolve into a better version of itself. When it comes to Cardano, Hoskinson says that the Cardano team has put in an extreme amount of care in its development. All of which goes into the upkeep of Cardano.