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Nodes And Mining

As we already know, a node is an electronic device with an IP address that is connected to blockchain — that is, a computer, a laptop, or even a smartphone. Bound together, nodes form a decentralized network that works without a server, all information being stored on nodes directly. There are different types of nodes that vary by technical characteristics, the amount of time spent online, and visibility. In this article, we will be talking more about how nodes work and how to use them for cryptocurrency mining.

NOWNodes an security

Nodes And Security

So, you figured you would like to try getting into blockchain and see for yourself whether it works for you. Now what? If you aren’t dedicated enough to set up your own full node, might be a good idea to use the NOWNodes service to connect to full nodes of some of the most widespread cryptocurrencies. This is a simple and secure way to get into blockchain – but how exactly is it secure?

NOWNodes and security

Getting Started With NOWNodes

While getting introduced to Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, or blockchain, in general, might seem a bit difficult and even intimidating at first, a lot of services have been developed over the years, aiming at making the process easier for the new users. NOWNodes by ChangeNOW is one of them: it has been made specifically with this purpose. What exactly does it do? Here is some theory at first.