NOWNodes is a modern user-friendly platform from the creators of ChangeNOW that offers secure access to full nodes of various cryptocurrencies. This can be quite useful for someone who would like to get started with cryptos but has no desire, time, or resources to run their own full node.

At the moment, NOWNodes offers full nodes of 17 cryptos, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), DigiByte (DGB), Dogecoin (DOGE), Verge (XVG), Groestlcoin (GRS), Zcoin (XZC), Bitcoin SV (BSV), Dash (DASH), ReddCoin (RDD), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Horizen (ZEN), and Komodo (KMD). The platform is open to further partnership, and in this article, we will describe the steps you need to take to become our partner as well.

First off, you’re going to need to set up a full node of your target crypto for other users to have access to. There are various guides on how exactly it is done, the details differing from one OS to another and from one crypto to another, but generally, the first thing you need to consider is getting yourself some strong hardware: otherwise, there will be issues. After downloading the software you need and synchronizing your new full node with the existing network, time to move on to the next step: opening P2P or RPC ports. What’s next? After that, you should find a proper explorer for your cryptocurrency. NOWNodes support transparency and disclosure, which is why it is important to have access to all information regarding the blocks.

Onto the next step: once you’ve taken care of the technical questions, it is now time to think about your future customers. Invest in marketing: promote your cryptocurrency and your full node, collaborate with other well-known platforms on the blockchain market, make sure people know about your product. It is crucial to pay attention to the growth of crypto adoption, especially regarding your target crypto. Learn about your potential customers’ needs, listen closely to what they have to say, adapt to their demands to attract new users. Contact NOWNodes at [email protected] once you feel like you have the customer base you are satisfied with, and the platform will be happy to discuss a potential partnership. 

If you’d like to use someone else’s full node, feel free to contact us as well. We’re open to everyone in the blockchain community, amateurs, and pros: should you want to launch your wallet or use a full node in some other way, and not know where to start; or just have any other partnership ideas — message us. Same goes for explorer and blockchain software owners — message us and we’ll figure something out. You’re a crypto newcomer and want to try our nodes — message us for documentation.

Don’t hesitate to contact NOWNodes if you feel like you have unanswered questions. Say, in case you would like to use your crypto/full node for commercial purposes, message us on email, Telegram, or WeChat, and we will gladly discuss that as well. Since its creation, NOWNodes has attracted lots of partners, most being very well-known on the blockchain market. Join the mutually beneficial partnership, keep up to date with the latest blockchain trends, gain profit and enlarge your customer base with NOWNodes.