Solana Tokens That Will Grow in 2023

Solana Tokens That Will Grow in 2023


In the last year, Solana tokens have gained popularity and trust among the most passionate crypto enthusiasts. Here we tend to give the list of the most promising Solana tokens that will grow in 2023.

Is Solana a new Ethereum for Tokens?

Over the last decade when it comes to the most popular tokens that do not operate on their own blockchain networks, we immediately thought of those that are hosted on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

Times change, today several popular blockchains are launching campaigns to promote building tokens in their ecosystems. So does Solana – one of the world’s most performant blockchains (it can handle 50,000 transactions per second with 400 millisecond block times).

Our Ecosystem team has studied and chosen the five most promising tokens working on Solana that you should pay attention to. All of them are accessible with our Solana Full Node – you just need to take a free API key.

Let’s not forget two main terms: Do-Your-Own-Research and Not-A-Financial-Advice.

Five Solana Tokens You Should Pay Attention To


DOGGO token is a new meme coin from VictorDAO. It is a meme coin that a few communities are backing. It’s been growing for the last three months and acquired several listings from NOWWallet and NOWNodes. On Feb 1st the DOGGO community decided to burn 50% of the DOGGO supply.

2. Bonk (BONK)

BONK token is a dog-themed coin on Solana that was created “for the people and by the people”. It was launched on December 25, 2022, and because of a 50% airdrop for the Solana community, it led to an increase in the price of the SOL token (a rise of 34% in 48 hours). Trading of BONK tokens began on December 30, 2022, arousing genuine interest from the crypto community. 

3. CropperFinance (CRP)

Let’s talk about another great project that was developed on Solana. Taken out of its Medium page, “CropperFinance is a decentralized platform on the Solana blockchain — it introduces Permission less Yield Farming to the Solana ecosystem”. Its token CRP showed growth in the past 7 days and is mainly used for staking and swapping in the ecosystem.

4. MonkeyLeague ($MBS)

Gaming and sports are the areas where Web3 is expanding swiftly. MonkeyLeague is a strategy-based web3 sports game that’s easy to learn yet hard to master. You can build a team of at least 4 MonkeyLeague NFTs. The MBS token is a main part of the game economy, you can use it as a currency while playing for your team.

5. Mango (MNGO)

The Mango Token is a governance token, first and foremost. It’s used in the Mango Platform which offers margin trading, lending, and perpetual futures along with decentralized governance to decide the future evolution. Therefore, MNGO token holders have the power to upgrade the Mango protocol as they see fit, and it is only constrained by the checks-and-balances of the DAO.

There are currently more than 200 tokens that are built into Solana Network, and all of them are available for developers and crypto enthusiasts via node access. NOWNodes provides access to shared and dedicated Solana Full Nodes. The test drive is always free 🙂