TOP 10 RichQUACK Influencers

TOP 10 RichQUACK Influencers

RichQUACK is essentially a hyper-deflationary cryptocurrency built on top of the BNB Chain (BSC) that is built in the form of a meme token and aims to provide holders with rewards through a process called frictionless yield generation. What this means is that holders are not required to stake or wait for the fees to be delivered, and they are rewarded by the smart contracts.

TOP 10 RichQUACK Influencers

If this project has piqued your curiosity, today, we are going to go over the top 10 RichQUACK influencers that you can follow in order to get the latest updates in regards to the project.

Key Points:

  • RichQUACK is a deflationary token that features 5% automatic LP and 5% auto farm as features.

  • RichQUACK is a decentralized launchpad platform with a MegaJackpot Raffle as well as lottery features specific to holders.

  • The project is 100% community-driven and managed by volunteers of the project.

  • The QUACK cryptocurrency works as a hyper-deflationary token that is designed to generate payouts and static rewards for its holders through an automated yield farming process, and we are going to go over the top 10 influencers for the RichQUACK project so you can stay updated.

Top 10 RichQUACK Influencers

If you want to stay as up-to-date as possible when it comes to the latest news and developments surrounding the RichQUACK project, these are some of the best influencers that you can follow.

  1. BSCDaily

BSCDaily is one of the largest influencer pages that you can follow when it comes to getting the latest news and updates surrounding RichQUACK or any other cryptocurrency built on top of BSC. With over 438.800 followers in total, this is a page that will enable you access to some of the latest news, developments, and updates regarding any project that has piqued your interest.

Social Media:

  1. BSCNews

BSCNews is yet another large influencer on Twitter that has over 527,300 followers, which means that it is one of the largest spaces where you can engage in various news surrounding cryptocurrencies and projects built on top of the BNB Chain (BSC). Given the fact that RichQUACK is built on top of BSC, you can find a lot of relevant information and updates here and engage with the community easily.

Social Media:

  1. Sharkcoins

Sharkcoins is a cryptocurrency promoter and one of the largest BSC gem hunters on Twitter. With over 121,700 followers in total, this is an influencer that has a huge following and will provide each follower with a lot of information regarding some of the most popular and most ambitious projects within the crypto space. You will find a lot of information here regarding the RichQUACK project and can engage in a lot of community discussions, which makes this one of the best influencers for you to follow.

Social Media:

  1. CryptoThro

CryptoThro is a huge promoter of cryptocurrencies, and an influencer specifically focused on altcoins such as RichQUACK. You will find a lot of community engagement on this influencer’s Twitter page, so if you are looking to share your opinion in regards to the project, alongside seeing what the future for cryptocurrency and its developments hold, this is one of the best influencers for you to follow.

Social Media:

  1. BNBSwap

BNBSwap is another huge page and an independent social media platform for the BNB Chain (BSC) ecosystem that puts its main focus on sharing information regarding the latest news, developments, and updates on any project built on top of that blockchain. With over 223,100 followers in total, users can essentially engage in a lot of activities while following this page, such as interacting with other followers of the project.

Social Media:

  1. Your Crypto DJ
Your Crypto DJ

Your Crypto DJ is one of the largest cryptocurrency enthusiasts and influencers when it comes to the RichQUACK space, as he has over 104,900 followers in total. There are numerous altcoins being discussed and praised by the page consistently, with RichQUACK being mentioned numerous times. This makes him one of the largest cryptocurrency influencers with a direct level of communication regarding the project.

Social Media:

  1. Smart BSC News
Smart BSC News

Smart BSC News is yet another huge page that follows and shares information regarding some of the best and most influential projects being built on BSC. Now, remember that RichQUACK is a project built on the BSC, so you will find it mentioned numerous times. With over 70,700 followers in total thus far, this influencer is one of the largest that will give you access to both the latest news and developments, as well as access to a lot of community discussions through comments and retweets. 

Social Media:

  1. CaptQUACKerman

CaptQUACKerman is another influencer for the RichQUACK project, where you will find the theme of the project spread out throughout his entire page. Also known as the CryptoDuck, he is regarded as a leader of the Indonesian Quack Army. Throughout this influencer’s page, you will find a solid community of followers for the project, a lot of discussions, personal opinions, as well as future predictions for the project, which gives it a unique take.

Social Media:

  1. Dr. Hodl Nikola Bench
Dr. Hodl Nikola Bench

Dr. Hodl Nikola Bench is another huge influencer with over 75,000 followers that consistently aims to find cryptocurrencies that could go up to the moon in terms of value. While this influencer does not directly give financial advice, he does share opinions in regards to some of the best cryptocurrencies out there. You will find that RichQuack is a cryptocurrency that is heavily discussed and mentioned on this page, which makes him one of the biggest influencers for this cryptocurrency.

Social Media:

  1. Beng Beng Gaming
Beng Beng Gaming

Beng Beng Gaming is a gaming-related cryptocurrency Twitter influencer as well as a crypto media agency that specializes in the spheres of GameFi, Metaverse, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). One of the most mentioned cryptocurrencies on this page is RichQUACK, and with over 20,800 followers thus far, this makes the page one of the largest influencers for cryptocurrency. If you want to engage in discussions for the cryptocurrency from the perspective of the GameFi sphere, this is a must-follow influencer as it will allow you to engage in unique discussions regarding the project.

Social Media:

Why Follow Crypto Influencers

The main reason why someone interested in a specific project in the crypto space might want to follow crypto influencers is that they can enable each follower to learn more about a complicated and ever-changing topic, such as the project.

Influencers are also an accessible resource when it comes to crypto-related news as well as information. However, it is important to note that each influencer has their own niche within the crypto space and their own style of conveying the news to the end-user.

If a cryptocurrency follower, investor, or just someone curious about the space is struggling with their finances and is looking for solutions, they could get some much-needed insights into a project by following some of the best influencers in this regard.

Top 10 RichQUACK Influencers

In other words, following these crypto influencers could assist you with learning a lot more regarding a complicated and ever-changing financial topic, as they are a solid resource where you can do multiple things, including getting access to the latest development updates, getting access to the latest price predictions or price forecasts, and getting access to a community with which you can communicate directly, and share your opinion and outlook on the subject at hand.

This means that you aren’t only communicating with the influencers but with everyone else that decides to actively engage in the project, and this gives you the opportunity to essentially feel like you are a part of a large community and that you are not alone when it comes to believing in the future of the project.


Hopefully, now you know a bit more when it comes to the RichQUACK (QUACK) project, what it is, how it works, and which influencers you can follow.

RichQUACK (QUACK) is built on the BNB Chain. You can connect to a BNB Chain (BSC) node through the usage of the NOWNodes API, which enables you an uptime of 99.95% and allows you to connect in less than a second.

Remember that by following the best influencers out there, you can remain as updated as possible on all of the latest price movements or developments regarding the project.

Each influencer and Twitter page mentioned here is unique and will provide you with a different outlook on the project. By following multiple influencers, you will be able to see different perspectives and opinions regarding the future of the project, which will, in turn, give you a unique outlook and perspective on the project.