TOP 10 Shinja influencers

TOP 10 Shinja influencers

Shibnobi (SHINJA) is essentially a community-driven cryptocurrency as well as a platform that is developing an ecosystem for the next generation of crypto enthusiasts. Its main goal is to provide a simple and safe environment for everyone and provide informative data to the average user on vetted projects.

TOP 10 Shinja influencers

There are numerous products that are a part of this broader ecosystem, and today, we are going to go over everything you need to know about SHINJA, as well as go over the top 10 influencers that you need to be aware of.

Key Points:

  • Shibnobi is a community-driven cryptocurrency token and platform that has the main priority of creating an ecosystem for the next generation of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and making the crypto sphere a safer place for everyone.
  • There are numerous projects that are a part of the Shibnobi ecosystem, including Shibnobi Swap, Shibnobi Bridge, Shibnobi Play, Shibnobi Verse, Shibnobi Wallet, and Shibnobi Chain.
  • Shibnobi is consistently developing its own ecosystem and aims to provide a higher level of utility within the crypto space.
  • Today, we are going to explore the top 10 Shinja influencers that you need to be aware of if you are interested in learning more about this specific cryptocurrency.

What is Shinja?

Shibnobi (SHINJA) is a community-driven cryptocurrency and platform that has the main priority of developing its own ecosystem that can impact the broader crypto industry. 

As such, there are numerous products in development, and two of them have been launched.

What is Shinja?

First, we have Shibnobi Swap. This is conceptualized to address the lack of user-friendly tools across Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible networks in decentralized finance (DeFi). It is built on a decentralized automated market maker (AMM) system and leverages liquidity pools that are powered by users. 

Then, there is the Shibnobi Bridge, which allows users to trade tokens listed on Shibnobi Swap between chains, where they can easily swap Ethereum (ETH) for BNB (BNB) or Polygon (MATIC). 

The next launch is Shibnobi Play, which is a skill-based wagering platform for users which is aimed at allowing them to bet their Shinja on PVP (Player vs. Player) matches and tournaments in AAA titles such as Call of Duty, Fortnite, FIFA, and others.

There is also the Shibnobi Verse, which is in early development. This is essentially their metaverse. The team is also working on the Shibnobi wallet, which is a three-factor authentication (3FA) enabled wallet. Alongside this, the Shibnobi Chain is in its final stage, which is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain hard forked from the Ethereum blockchain.

For the time being, however, SHINJA is a cryptocurrency that is deployed on top of the BNB Smart Chain and follows the BEP-20 token standard, as well as on Ethereum (ETH), which follows the ERC-20 token standard.

Pros and Cons of Shinja

Shinja Pros

  • Shibnobi (SHINJA) has a vast ecosystem that it is currently developing.
  • Users have access to two launched products, including the Shibnobi Swap and the Shibnobi Bridge. 
  • There is a huge roadmap planned, with the development of a multi-chain DEX, the Shibnobi Chain (S-Chain), a wallet with three-factor authentication (3FA), and much more.
  • The project features a large community.

Shinja Cons

  • The project is still in early development.
  • There is a lot of room for growth, and it is battling in a competitive field.

Best Shinja influencers

These are the best Shinja influencers that you need to know about.

  1. @ShinjaDiva 💗💎🥷💎 💗
@ShinjaDiva 💗💎🥷💎 💗

@ShinjaDiva 💗💎🥷💎 💗 is an influential person within the Shibnobi (SHINJA) community, as there is always an update surrounding the project or something new being talked about throughout the wide range of community members within the sphere of crypto. 


HATTORI HANZO 🥷 $SHINJA is yet another influential person within the community that has over 3,000 followers. There are numerous updates, discussions, and general looks into the ecosystem of Shibnobi (SHINJA), so if you are curious about the project and want to remain updated, this is a recommended profile for you to follow.

  1. Texan SHINJA 🇺🇸
Texan SHINJA 🇺🇸

Texan SHINJA 🇺🇸, as the name might imply, is a major influencer within the Shibnobi (SHINJA) community. As a social media influencer, you will be greeted by a plethora of information surrounding the project as well as its community. It is an active influencer that always has something new to share.


SHILL-IONAIRE (OFFICIAL-SHIBNOBI SHILLER) Is another solid influencer within the Shibnobi (SHINJA) community, where you are greeted by all of the latest social media trends, updates, and developments that occur across the broader ecosystem. Through this influencer, you will always be updated on everything that’s happening within this sphere. 


SHINJA NEWS is another main Shibnobi (SHINJA) influencer in terms of being a page that will give you the best in-depth look at all of the price updates and general updates to the ecosystem as a whole. What this means is that if you want to remain as updated as possible, this is a must-follow influencer. 

  1. 🔥🥷LEE🥷🔥

🔥🥷LEE🥷🔥is an analytics influencer that is consistently looking for the next x100 gem to invest in or trade. One of the main cryptocurrencies discussed by this influencer is Shibnobi (SHINJA), and as such, if you are curious about getting a different perspective or overview of this cryptocurrency, this is a solid influencer to follow.

  1. Pizza Guru
Pizza Guru

Pizza Guru is another solid Shibnobi (SHINJA) influencer. As the page branding might imply, there is a lot of love, thought, and care that goes into each post surrounding the project, the cryptocurrency, and all of its developments. This makes him one of the best influencers to follow.

  1. Terps

Terps is another solid Shibnobi (SHINJA) influencer, a social marketing guru, and a person that has a genuine belief in a lot of altcoins. Here, you will find a lot of discussions surrounding numerous cryptocurrencies, one of which is the Shibnobi (SHINJA) token.

  1. cryptoqueen💋💎❤️

Cryptoqueen💋💎❤️ has quite the following and takes an in-depth look at a lot of cryptocurrencies that are available for a wide range of users. Specifically, one of the discussed cryptocurrencies is Shibnobi (SHINJA), where members of the community gather together to take a look at and discuss all of the numerous developments.

  1. Danny

Danny is not just another Shibnobi (SHINJA) influencer but is also an entrepreneur, investor, ethical hacker, trader, and software engineer. What this essentially means is that if you decide to follow Danny, you can get an overview of the technical aspects surrounding the Shibnobi (SHINJA) cryptocurrency ecosystem, as well as the individual projects that are a part of it. This is definitely an influencer worth following if you want to get a deeper look inside of projects. 

How to connect to Shinja API?

It is now easier than ever before to connect to a Shika API, and all you have to do is essentially connect through the usage of NOWNodes, which is a blockchain-as-a-service provider. 

Here is what you need to do, step-by-step.

  • Step 1: Get access to the API key.

All you have to do to get started is to visit the official NOWNodes website, after which you can click on the “GET FREE API KEY” button.

How to connect to Shinja API?
  • Step 2: Making the Connection

In order to connect, you need to use a command. You can get a full list of the commands on the official page. 

Now, given the fact that this is a two-network token, we will be using an Ethereum (ETH) example here. However, the process is similar for any other network as well.

If you want to get an address, for example, you can use this code:

If you want to get data surrounding a transaction, you can use this code instead:

There are numerous other commands you can utilize, so ensure that you go over all of them.


Hopefully, now you have a much broader level of understanding as to why Shibnobi (SHINJA) actually is, how it works, and what you can expect from it going forward.

We also covered the top 10 SHINJA influencers that you can follow in order to get the most out of the coin as well as the network.

Remember that through the utilization of the NOWNodes blockchain-as-a-service provider, you can get access to a variety of different data, including the hashrate, difficulty, block height, wallet addresses, transaction data, balance history tickers list, or anything else that you need, and all you have to do in order to connect is to use a simple API Key.