TOP 10 Yooshi influencers

TOP 10 Yooshi influencers

Yooshi (YOOSHI) is essentially a community-driven meme-coin that is built on top of the BNB Smart Chain, which can connect GameFi elements with non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

TOP 10 YooShi influencers

The main goal of this project is to add real utility by becoming a blockchain gaming launchpad, and today, we are going to go over everything you need to know about Yooshi as well as take a look at the top 10 Yooshi influencers that you need to be aware of.

Key Points:

  • Yooshi is a community-driven project that was specifically created on the BNB Smart Chain.
  • While this cryptocurrency did initially come into existence as a meme-coin, it developed over time and became a blockchain gaming launchpad.
  • Today, Yooshi provides an open platform through which developers are given the opportunity to launch their own games and even promote them to large communities that hold the YOOSHI cryptocurrency.
  • Today, we are going to go over just about everything that you need to know when it comes to the top 10 Yooshi influencers. 

What is Yooshi?

Yooshi (YOOSHI) is essentially an ecosystem that caters to gamers, investors, and all fans and developers of cryptocurrency.

Specifically, the project has the goal of raising funds for a range of avenues, such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

What is Yooshi?

There’s also Yooshi Labs, which is a decentralized finance (DeFi) game incubator that provides developers access to tools and technical support as a means of aiding them in bringing their visions to reality. Additionally. The Yooshi platform also has a dedicated NFT marketplace, where developers, as well as users, are given the opportunity to buy as well as sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

This cryptocurrency is also created on top of the BMB Smart Chain, which means that any wallet that supports tokens built throughout that token standard can indeed provide support for this cryptocurrency.

That said, YOOSHI is the native token that is a part of the Yooshi ecosystem. Owners of the token get a reward of 4% of the transaction fees on the platform, and it is available on numerous exchanges. YOOSHI also has a maximum supply of 1 quadrillion coins.

Pros and Cons of Yooshi

Yooshi Pros

  • Built on the well-established BNB Smart Chain
  • Native NFT marketplace.
  • Yooshi Labs incubator is convenient for developers
  • Native cryptocurrency with a maximum supply of 1 quadrillion

Yooshi Cons

  • Many competing projects in these here
  • Still in the early development stages

Best Yooshi Influencers

These are the best Yooshi influencers that you can check out,

  1. YooShi

YooShi is the main page for this cryptocurrency and has the highest follower base as a result. Specifically, this Twitter page has over 229,600 followers in total, making it one of the largest in terms of attracting the largest fan base. Here, you will find the most information surrounding the developments of the project, cryptocurrency, as well as its overall price updates or any further announcement. If you want to keep yourself as up-to-date as possible for this specific project, this is the best profile you can follow.

  1. Gary_BKEX

Gary_BKEX is another large influencer for the Yooshi cryptocurrency. Specifically, he has a follower base of over 141.200 users, which makes him the most influential person in this cryptocurrency. You will find a lot of discussions surrounding Yooshi here, so if you want to engage with and be a part of a broader community, this is one of the best profiles that you can follow in order to do so.

  1. Burn YOOSHI

Burn YOOSHI is another huge profile for the Yooshi cryptocurrency, as it is a tracker. Specifically, the transactions and calculations tweeted here are automated. This is the perfect profile to follow if you want to remain as up-to-date as possible on all of the various stats and numbers surrounding the growth of the cryptocurrency, and it had to be included on this list due to this reason. There is no better source of a live feed of all data surrounding the burn rate of the cryptocurrency as well as its circulating supply, holders, or anything else that you might be interested in.

  1. Crypto Gorilla🦍
Crypto Gorilla🦍

Crypto Gorilla🦍 is yet another solid profile and influencer that showcases support for the Yooshi cryptocurrency. Here, you will be able to find numerous data types, discussions, and community engagement attempts from an influencer with over 35,200 followers in total. 

This influencer promotes numerous crypto projects and NFT projects and is one of the most influential ones in the Yooshi community.

  1. Loretta Crypto
Loretta Crypto

Loretta Crypto is a travel and crypto blogger that consistently showcases information surrounding the Yooshi cryptocurrency. With over 24,300 followers at the time of writing, it is also one of the biggest profiles that you can follow, showcasing numerous information surrounding the project. 

  1. TradersApprentice

TradersApprentice is one of the largest influencers for the Yooshi cryptocurrency, with a follower base of over 35.500 followers in total. You will find a lot of discussions as well as updates surrounding the Yooshi cryptocurrency, among many others, even industries outside of crypto. In any case, it is a solid influencer to follow if you have an interest in such things. 

  1. Erdem bayram
Erdem bayram

Erdem bayram is another huge influencer when it comes to NFTs, the metaverse, and even the Yooshi cryptocurrency. With over 64,800 followers at the time of writing, you will find a lot of activity on this profile in regards to discussions surrounding numerous projects. 

  1. CRYPTOs0ul

CRYPTOs0ul is another solid influencer when it comes to many meme-coins or dog-themed coins. One of the main cryptocurrencies discussed on this influencer’s page is the Yooshi token, which makes him a solid option for those seeking to get an in-depth look at the cryptocurrency.

  1. SharkCoins 🦈
SharkCoins 🦈

SharkCoins 🦈 #BSC Gem Hunter is a huge influencer on Twitter, with over 120,100 followers in total. If you want to get updated on a variety of different cryptocurrencies, one of which is the YOOSHI token, in that case, this is a recommended profile for you to follow. This is due to the fact that you will find a lot of relevant data surrounding the cryptocurrency.

  1. GamingfiTv

GamingfiTv is an influencer with over 5,720 followers at the time of writing and has a lot of discussion in regards to NFTs and gaming as a whole One of the many tokens discussed here is the Yooshi (YOOSHI) cryptocurrency, where you can engage in numerous discussions surrounding it. If you want to stay updated and in the loop of cryptocurrency, this is another recommended profile for you to follow. 

How to connect to Yooshi API?

If you are interested in connecting to Yooshi (YOOSHI) through the usage of an API, you can utilize the services on offer by NOWNodes.

NOWNOdes is a blockchain-as-a-service provider, and all you have to do in order to connect is to complete the following steps.

  • Step 1: Get access to the API key.

Navigate to the official NOWNodes website, after which you can click on the “GET FREE API KEY” button.

How to connect to Yooshi API?

You can receive the API key in your email address inbox.

Next, you will need to connect to the node.

  • Step 2: Establishing a connection

NOWNodes will enable you to connect to any of the available nodes with ease. You can find a complete list of the commands on the official page.

Here, we are dealing with the BNB Smart Chain and, as such, will go over what you need to do in great detail. 

If you want to get a block at a specified height, you can use this command:

If you want to get access to block results at a specified height, you can use this command instead:

Here is what an example output would look like:

Note that there are numerous other commands that you can utilize, and this is just a basic example.


Hopefully, now you have a higher level of understanding as to what Yooshi actually is, how the YOOSHI cryptocurrency works, and how you can utilize it in order to gain access to specific blockchain data through a blockchain node or block explorer.

Remember that by utilizing NOWNodes, you can gain access to data surrounding the hashrate, difficulty, block height, wallet addresses, transaction data, balance history tickers list, or anything else that you need.

We also went over the top 10 Yooshi influencers that you can follow, so you can get up-to-date data surrounding the cryptocurrency’s development, value, and overall progression.