While cryptocurrency is getting viral, crypto owners want to get the most of their experience and search for high-quality services that would make their cryptocurrency operations prompt, simple, beneficial, and secure.

To save your time, money and nerves, we have prepared this list of 25 crypto services and divided them into 5 categories.


Crypto exchange services are always in demand, and the cryptocurrency market has many options to offer. We all need to convert Crypto to Crypto or USD to Crypto or the other way round, but what are the best crypto exchanges?


Established in 2017, ChangeNOW keeps on being the top swap service platform for crypto to crypto exchanges. Moreover, it has own asset “NOW Token”. 


  1. Available on the Internet, via its app and some wallets. 
  2. Anonymity, with no sign-ups required.   
  3. Over 30,000 trading pairs, including currencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin.
  4. Increased revenue share for NOW Token holders.
  5. Built-in exchange fees.
  6. No limits: both buying and geographical.


  1. Fiat to crypto operations fees.
  2. No crypto to fiat transactions.
  3. Small number of trading tools.


Launched in China, Binance peaked in 2017 and keeps on being one of the most popular crypto exchange services. Besides, it has its own Currency (BNB).


  1. Friendly UX.
  2. Huge range of cryptocurrencies.
  3. High Transaction Speed.
  4. Multi-device support.


  1. Complicated for beginners.
  2. Comparatively low liquidity.
  3. Hacking attempt in 2018.
  4. Options for limit and market orders only.


Founded in 2012, this crypto exchange service rings the bell being named among the most beneficial crypto services. However, recent reviews show that publicity finds Coinbase pretty questionable.


  1. Both online and mobile wallet services.
  2. 2FA and multi-signature security.
  3. Instant transfers for users.
  4. Good UX.
  5. Fiat deposit and withdrawal options.


  1. Complicated fee system.
  2. Buying limits.
  3. Supported only in a limited number of countries.
  4. Notorious account closures.
  5. Affiliate reward is not always paid.


Started in 2013 in Slovakia, Coinmama advertises itself as “the easiest way to buy and sell cryptocurrency”.


  1. Western Union payments allowed.
  2. Promptness.
  3. Daily limits are up to 1 million dollars.


  1. Relatively high fees.
  2. No trading tools,such as charts or graphs.
  3. Here you can buy BTC and ETH, but cannot sell them.
  4. No mobile app.
  5. Just two currencies at your disposal: Bitcoin and Ethereum.


What to use if you are seeking for the top exchanging deals? Swapzone is the right instrument to show you the best rates.


  1. Lots of choices.
  2. Completely transparent deals.
  3. Simple interface
  4. No registration needed.
  5. Absolutely free.


  1. No opportunity to cancel your exchange order.
  2. A limited number of coins.

Payment gateways

It’s pretty obvious that paying in cryptocurrency online is the must of contemporary safe online shopping, as well as the accepting payments in crypto. Some gateways are more comfortable for customers, others for business owners, and only a few fit the needs of all. Reach their advantages and disadvantages.


A comparatively young service, NOWPayments, has already gained much attention. It represents itself as a custody-free payment processing platform, convenient for accepting payments online. 


  1. The number of cryptocurrencies keeps on growing.
  2. Imposing options, such as invoices, customizable widgets and buttons.
  3. Reliable API with a detailed guide.
  4. USD to crypto.
  5. Informative blog on cryptocurrency. 
  6. Low fees.


  1. No mobile app.
  2. Today the number of currencies is 40+.


Formed in 2018, Liquid works as a fiat-crypto service with a wide range of currency pairs.


  1. 100% cold wallet storage of crypto assets 2-factor authentication.
  2. Withdrawal address whitelist.
  3. Fine UX.
  4. Competitive fees.


  1. Limited list of countries where it works.
  2. Complicated system of fees.
  3. Withdrawals take time.


Made in Estonia, Raison is advertised as “a crypto asset management and digital banking solution”.

  1. Free registration.
  2. Mobility.
  3. A constantly updated blog.


  1. Limited card payments.
  2. Lots of fees.
  3. Unavailable when being upgraded.


Mercuryo allows you to buy the most popular cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, USDT, BAT, ALGO and others with your bank card. Your card transactions are protected by MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by VISA. We apply PCI DSS Level 1 security standards to process your personal data.


  1. Buy cryptocurrency with fiat.
  2. Buy fiat with cryptocurrency.
  3. Low fees
  4. KYC only for operation more than 300 Euros. 


  1. Only 7 cryptocurrencies are supported.


One more comparatively fit crypto to fiat wallet that is comfortable to use on your mobile phone.


  1. Over 40 currencies + credit and debit card transactions.
  2. Normal fees.
  3. Adequate rates.
  4. Referral program.


  1. Works better in its ecosystem.
  2. Outdated design
  3. An open source.


Every crypto owner is interested in trading for cryptocurrency is the right asset to benefit from. But what tools to use to make the most of your experience? Here we cover the best of them.


Founded in 2014, Coinigy aims to provide the crypto market with transparent service and enables its clients to trade on more than 10 exchanges. 


  1. Lots of options to customize.
  2. Charts that are free for all clients.
  3. All cryptocurrencies are presented.


  1. Just a few social features.
  2. Cryptocurrency only.
  3. No detailed chart types.
  4. No simulation option available.
  5. Complicated list of pricing.


The main competitor of the previous service, TradingView is considered to be one of the best platforms for traders. Established in 2011, 


  1. Lots of custom scripts are absolutely free.
  2. Free backtesting.
  3. Positive reviews all over the Internet.
  4. Good UX.
    Numerous financial assets available.


  1. Many scripts turn out to be broken.
  2. Pine Script  is too complicated for beginners.
  3. Prices’ plan needs to be carefully checked.
  4. Popular coins only.


Trading bots are not the must for some crypto owners, but sometimes they are the thing that can completely change one’s trading experience to the best, especially the beginners’, and that’s what HaasOnline has been built for.

  1. Works with numerous exchanges.
  2. Complete control of the bots.
  3. Guaranteed safety.


  1. Complex UI.
  2. Complicated pricing system.


Bitfinex, a Hong Kong-based service that used to be the “world’s largest Bitcoin exchange” and still has a relevantly good reputation.


  1. Mobile app to use everywhere.
  2. If you want to stay anonymous, you can.
  3. Charts of orders.
  4. Adequate trading fees.


  1. Has been hacked.
  2. Verification takes too much time.
  3. The audience has decreased since 2016.

3 Commas

Created in 2017, it is more than just another crypto trading bot to learn about, because it is customizable and has lots of options to be adopted in accordance to your needs.


  1. Stop-loss and take-profit orders for the same deals.
  2. Convenient trailing-stop.
  3. An opportunity to check other traders.
  4. 2FA for good security.


  1. Prices.
  2. Lots of spotless reviews online that make us wonder whether they are real or not.


A trading bot that supports 21 cryptocurrency signal providers and is peculiar for being cloud-based.


  1. Easy to use.
  2. No software is needed to be installed.
  3. Considered to be secure.
  4. Simple integration.
  5. You must know trading strategies to benefit from the service.
  6. Pricing.
  7. Too much advertising makes a bad impression.


Cryptocurrencies are volatile, being influenced by several factors, so you need to check what is going on. These are the services you can rely on.


CoinMarketCap is the name you are sure to know if you have ever googled the current Bitcoin price. Simple graphs and information about different cryptocurrencies is what it provides you with.

  1. Clear interface.
  2. Informative blog and the current news at your disposal.
  3. Numerous languages to use.
  4. You don’t have to pay.


  1. You can be distracted by ads.
  2. Too many features to explore.


A good service to analyze the cryptomarket by comparing what is going on with different coins at the same time.


  1. Clear graphs.
  2. Simple to use.
  3. Developer portal is worth consideration.Intriguing blog.


  1. Loads of negative reviews, but users mostly come for the exchange.

Bitcoin Visuals

The service for analytics interested in BTC changes and the beginners who want to learn the ropes of the crypto world.


  1. Lots of data on all the needed topics.
  2. Clear graphs.
  3. Books to read on crypto and business.


  1. Outdated and pretty complex interface.
  2. Sometimes the service doesn’t work properly.

Weiss Crypto Rating

That’s a good service if you need your crypto ranking simply to rank and not to use any extra features.


  1. Correct data.
  2. Info on more than 53,000 institutions and investments.
  3. Well-structured options at the bar.


  1. Outdated design.
  2. Articles are badly written sometimes.


A contemporary solution for crypto lovers to see what is happening in crypto world. Also works as an online encyclopedia with the needed info present.

  1. Simple widgets.
  2. Currencies are easy to compare.
  3. An opportunity to earn such popular coins as Bitcoin.
  4. Good publications, reports and guides.
  5. Mobile app that is free.


  1. Too much ads.

Profitable Services

Some cryptocurrency services are truly extraordinary, so they are hard to classify. However, they are still worth attention, being truly useful and beneficial.


One more unique service, NOWNodes focuses on building, providing its users with access to the most popular blockchain nodes.


  1. Up to 45 blockchains are supported.
  2. Explorer APIs are available.
  3. XMR(Monero) Node and Explorer are available.
  4. ERC-20 and BEP-2 nodes that are suitable for a huge number of tokens.
  5. Trustworthy API.Simple integration.


  1. The service has 3 types of pricing: you have to choose.
  2. To fasten the time of the support response time, you need to pay.


Crypto Panic is a special news aggregator that enables its users to see the impact on price and market. Besides, it has a media feed and blogs to show you.


  1. Customizable: you can follow currencies you are interested in.
  2. Automatically reloaded lists.
  3.  “Add to Home Screen” for mobile phones.
  4. Lists are automatically reloaded.


  1. Such options as Twitter and RSS/Atom feeds sources are available only with the Pro version.
  2. Pretty complicated UX for the desktop version.

Dead Coins

A unique service to stay tuned with the changes on the cryptocurrency market and to figure out outdated currencies.

  1. Unique information.
  2. Opportunities to become a part of the community.
  3. Debates.


  1. Old-fashioned design.
  2. Pretty easy to get lost.
  3. All the information is gathered by the users only.


Are you interested in mining?  That’s the right service to tell you about coins and  tokens to pay attention to.


  1. Absolutely free.
  2. Crypto Coins Mining Profit Calculator that works.
  3. Market cap volume and other important aspects stated.
  4. Miners listed, including those that are to come.
  5. UX may seem pretty complex.
  6. Not for beginners.


Most cryptocurrency holders get lost when they think about cryptocurrency taxation policy. Cointracker is considered to be one of the best solutions to take the complicated issue under control.

  1. Generates IRS form 8949.
  2. Free basic tracking.
  3. Synchronization with some crypto exchanges.
  4. API to rely on.


  1. Most features are not for free.
  2. Prices are comparatively high.
  3. Doesn’t support many services, such as swaps.

Now you know much about cryptocurrency services that slap in 2020. Be sure to check what appeals to you and make the most of your experience with the most relevant cryptocurrency tools.