Verasity: 5 Best Crypto Influencers in 2023

Verasity: 5 Best Crypto Influencers in 2023


Verasity, as an impactful crypto blockchain, has a wide community accomplished by talented crypto influencers. Community is what brings crypto enthusiasts together, while crypto influencers are ambassadors of the blockchain’s values.  Each and every project has started as a small idea and since then has grown into something bigger. Take Bitcoin for example – the main factor contributing to Bitcoin’s price rise was its increased demand and popularity. Also as the Verasian community impacts a huge growth of an amazing crypto blockchain platform – Verasity.

What is Verasity?

Verasity is an open-source ecosystem aimed to combat advertising fraud, providing publishers and advertisers open access to technology, and rewarding consumers for consuming video content. Verasity also offers payment alternatives and a profitable staking ecosystem with guaranteed 15% rewards until April 2024.

The VRA token, which is used to fund advertising campaigns, stake via VeraWallet, make payments via VeraPay, and distribute Watch & Earn rewards, is key to the Verasity ecosystem as a single utility token with a wide range of applications. We have recently listed VRA on our platform, and since then our users can access Verasity Ecosystem via our Ethereum Full Node access.

During the past weeks, the community faced a huge price increase for VRA tokens. Some influencers (including Verasity’s CMO Elliot Hill) launched a campaign to reach the “1-cent” mark.

5 most impactful Verasity Influencers

1. Erwin (@CryptoErwinNL)

Erwin is not affiliated with the Verasian core team but is extremely active when it comes to promoting Verasity on social media. They constantly share important Verasity coin news and attract new fans and VRA holders. Their account is one of the best sources to keep yourself updated on what’s going on with Verasity.

2. Mick Reade (@mickreade)

Mick Reade is a Verasian investor and a Verasian crypto influencer. They make educational content about VRA and share the latest updates of the Verasity ecosystem. What’s more, Mick Reade is also targeting big projects in order to list VRA there with the help of the Verasian community. But not only updates make VRA enthusiasts follow and appreciate them. On their account, Mick Reade regularly posts price charts of VRA and shares his thoughts on the potential crypto trends.

3. crypto uk (@theendgame666)

crypto uk shares interesting facts and price alerts about numerous trending cryptocurrencies including Verasity. Some members of the Verasity core team follow them, so it means that you can trust his Tweets (but never forget that you must DYOR). In their account crypto uk posts important VRA updates that the community might miss, as well as fun content and memes. 

4. Elliot Hill (@block_writer)

Elliot Hill is Chief Marketing Officer at Verasity. Elliot is also a professional member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. On his Twitter account, he shares core updates of the Verasity Ecosystem (including the VRA token and VeraViews platform).

5. Pinoy Kingpin (@pinoyverasian)

Pinoy Kingpin is not associated with the Verasity core team and identifies themselves as a gem hunter. On their Twitter profile, they talk about VRA updates, post price charts, and organize discussion threads to brainstorm with community members about Verasity Ecosystem.

Verasian Community is full of amazing crypto influencers, content creators, and experts from legal, finance, and blockchain. Every member of the community is important and helps to develop the project and community forward.

Mass adoption is closer when businesses integrate Verasity ecosystem into their solutions. It’s easier to code and implement with our NOWNodes API key. You can access Verasity VRA via our ETH Full Node access.