What is ARDOR blockchain?

What is ARDOR blockchain?


Ardor (ARDR) is a public blockchain network that was specifically developed to let users gain access to blockchain technology through the introduction of a technology dubbed “child chains.”

What is ARDOR blockchain?

What this essentially means is that users can get access to light blockchains that can be customized to any level which is required whilst also providing developers with the opportunity to self-deploy their own blockchain networks.

Key Points:

  • Ardor is developed to be an infrastructure on top of which developers can utilize the blockchain technology without needing to develop a custom blockchain network from the ground up.

  • The Ardor main chain handles the security and the decentralization, and this contributes to a solid level of utility and ease of use.

  • Child chains can be utilized at any point in time and can solve a variety of different business applications.

  • You can easily access the Ardor blockchain explorer through the utilization of the NOWNodes blockchain-as-a-service provider. 

What is ARDR blockchain?

Ardor (ARDR) is a network that was specifically created with the goal of offering one main chain that can handle any of the security and decentralization requirements that developers might require in order to build their own custom solutions.

This is achieved through the utilization of child chains.

What is Ardor blockchain

The development team that contributed to the creation of Ardor is the company that created the Nxt project, which is open-source.

ARdor has key features that accompany it, including one parent chain that can handle multiple child chains.

The native cryptocurrency token used to power all of this is known as the ARDR token.

ARDR as a token has a specific goal of being used throughout the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, which provides security for all of the child chains within the network.

Furthermore, child chain tokens are used as units of transaction that can transfer value throughout child chains.

This provides an additional level of functionality, including asset exchange, a monetary system, messaging, digital goods, aliases, a voting system, data and cloud solutions, account control, or any other feature a developer might need to create their own ideal solution.

Ardor blockchain

Accounts are global, which means that they can be utilized across numerous child chains, all of which have balances.

Why do I need to have access to a blockchain?

There are numerous reasons why someone might have an interest in accessing a blockchain network.

Specifically, the blockchain can aid them in the verification and traceability of transactions. It can also provide a different variety of in-depth information surrounding the network, including data surrounding the hashrate, difficulty, block height, wallet addresses, transaction data, balance history tickers list, or anything else that you need.

Each user can utilize a blockchain to its maximum potential once they have the data related to its functionality.

Pros and cons of ARDOR blockchain


  • All of the child chains that become a part of the main blockchain network can have the additional functionality of featuring their own cryptocurrency. This can, in turn, be used as a unit of value and can be used for the payment of any of the transaction fees throughout the network.

  • ARDOR is highly scalable due to the fact that it pushes all of the child chain data, which is unnecessary at the point in time it gets included in the permissionless parent chain.

  • Furthermore, all child chains can be connected and share the same source code, which also means that a wallet can be compatible across all of them.

  • The transactions get processed through what is known as the bounding system, and this system groups multiple child chain transactions within the parent chain and enables application owners to sequentially handle the transaction fees for the end-users, contributing to a heightened level of utility.


  • This is a new project and has yet to prove itself through the test of time.

  • There are a lot of moving aspects surrounding the project, which can make it a bit tricky to get into initially.

  • Ardor is in the early stages of development, which means that over time it might improve, but for the time being, it has yet to achieve a level of utility that competing projects have.

How to access the ARDOR blockchain?

NOWNodes is a service that will provide you access to the most popular blockchain nodes, one of which is the Ardor blockchain.

How to access the ARDOR blockchain?

This is a turn-key solution that will enable you to connect to the node that you are interested in connecting in, so you can get all of the different data that you require.

To start using the service, you will need to navigate to the official NOWNodes website, after which you can enter your email address and click on “GET FREE API KEY.”

Here is an example of a simple request.

This command would essentially let you get transactions by id within the network. 

You can also get the block hash, and here is an example of what that would look like:

Through NOWNodes, you can access data of over 50 different nodes, all of which will enable you to view a variety of different data types, depending on the blockchain network in question.


Hopefully, now you have a higher level of understanding as to what the Ardor blockchain actually is and how it works.

Remember that through the utilization of the NOWNodes blockchain explorer, you can essentially get access to data surrounding the transactions, block size, the size on disk, or anything else you might need from the network.

As developers are utilizing Ardor’s capabilities, accessing a blockchain explorer or a node can aid them throughout the broader development cycle, so they can pinpoint what needs improvements.