How to check the balance on Zilliqa (ZIL)?

If you need to check the balance on a Zilliqa account for your crypto project, this article is for you. With NOWNodes, you can get access to a Zilliqa full node and block explorer and make up to 20,000 requests a day for free. Our API response time is less than 1 second, and the API uptime rate is 99,95%.

In this article, you will find a quick Zilliqa check balance setup.

What is Zilliqa?

In 2016, an assistant professor at the National University of Singapore proposed an idea of how to build an Ethereum-like network that would be more scalable and have a higher throughput. This is how Zilliqa was conceived — a platform that handles thousands of transactions per second, while Ethereum usually does not more than 10-15. 

This became possible thanks to sharing — a technology that splits a blockchain into a few parallel chains that process transactions independently. Interestingly, Ethereum is currently striving for better scalability and same as Zilliqa implements sharding to achieve it in Ethereum 2.0. 

How to check balance with Zilliqa block explorer? A 2-step guide

  • Get a personal API key to access our block explorer for free. To do this, contact us at [email protected], or simply click the “GET FREE API-KEY” button on our main page. Fill in the form: 
How to check balance with Zilliqa block explorer? A 2-step guide

After you submit, check your email: your API key should already be there. In case you don’t find it, check your spam folder or feel free to contact us.   

Keep this key safe: besides Zilliqa, it gives you access to 100+ other nodes. However, we can always help you restore this key in case you lose it.

  • Here is a sample request to get the ZIL balance: 
curl -d '{                                                                                                            
  "id": "1",
  "jsonrpc": "2.0",
  "method": "GetBalance",
  "params": ["your_address"]
}' -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H 'api-key: your_API_key' -X POST ""

To adjust this request for you, type the questioned address in the “params” line and replace the “your_API_key” part with the key that you received in your email. Now, your request is ready — copy it and use it!

Besides Zilliqa, you can leverage 100+ other full nodes and block explorers, which eliminates the need to work with multiple services and saves you money. 

Hope this guide on how to check balance Zilliqa was helpful to you. Contact us to ask any questions and get your API key now!