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Callisto is an open source decentralized crypto platform based on the go-Ethereum source code, with its own Callisto cryptocurrency (CLO).

Contrary to popular belief, Callisto is not a hard fork of the Ethereum Classic blockchain, but a sidechain, that is, a chain that will develop in parallel and allow you to unload the main blockchain.

Callisto Network is being developed to address the issues of scalability and security of development in smart contract ecosystems by implementing the smart contract audit Department and integrating with the Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and EOS ecosystems.

Here are some of CLO’s main advantages:

  • Cold-betting Protocol

    Which in the future can solve the problem of high volatility of cryptocurrencies. In order for the price to be stable, only a small part of the total number of coins must be traded on exchanges, and the remaining coins must participate in normal circulation or be stored.

  • Ethereum virtual machine

    Callisto uses the same Ethereum virtual machine, which means that the smart contracts of both cryptocurrencies are compatible with each other. There is also a registry of smart contracts that have passed a security audit. Each user is able to request an audit of the smart contract, and payment for the work of auditors will be made from the Callisto Fund.

  • The combination of PoW and PoS

    CLO mining is performed by a combination of PoW and PoS mechanisms. This means that you can mine coins in a classic way, or simply having a certain amount of Callisto Network coins on your account. Moreover, unlike most PoS systems, Callisto users do not need to create a full masternode to generate income-interest, they can receive income even by staking a few coins.

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