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Groestlcoin is a cryptocurrency that started as an independent means of payment, and not as an internal method of payment for one of the projects. The coin was released in 2014. The project team conducted a hard fork of the Bitcoin blockchain, so these two cryptocurrencies have certain common features. It is a fast and secure coin with almost ZERO fees, that is also privacy oriented. Groestlcoin focuses on technological advancement, GRS is SEGWIT and Lightning Network ready! There are major development releases every 3 months!

Here are some of GRS’s major advantages:

  • High speed of transactions.

    Financial transactions in the Groestlcoin network are carried out in just a few minutes.

  • Anonymity.

    The cryptocurrency was created with an emphasis on the privacy and protection of user data. It is impossible to track who sent the transfer and to whom the sum was intended.

  • Passive income.

    Thanks to the Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm, cryptocurrency holders can receive their interest simply for storing the coin in the wallet.

Connecting to the GRS node via NOWNodes lets you focus on your blockchain project without worrying about anything else.

You get a fast connection to the full node, and our amazing API tools guarantee secure and reliable access to the blockchain via an RPC connection. We then monitor and maintain the node for you. And, you are free to ask our 24/7 support team any questions and get your answers in no time!